IPI Consulting Network joins to other companies and institutions with important and value roles in delivery innovative and transformative results.

Some of these partners:


BABLE • Clearenergy • Conclusão • Forma Design • Fund Europa • Humangext • Press à Porter • PRH • Prospectiva • SAL – Sistemas de Ar Livre • Spira


MORE – Laboratório Colaborativo Montanhas de Investigação • ADEC • CAREC • CCMAR • Center for Regional Analysis • Centro de Estudos dos Povos e Culturas de Expressão Portuguesa (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) • CENTROP • CESOP • Faculté de Droit de Sciences Politiques et de Gestion • Universidade de Évora


IPI Consulting Network brings together leading external consultants, top thinkers, and achievers from the academic, public, and private sectors. IPI Consulting Network’s strategy is to always gather the most experienced experts in order to fulfil the clients’ necessities.

IPI Consulting Network has a multidisciplinary team, with several professional backgrounds and international experience, gathering great external consultants supported by a solid, productive and trustworthy internal team.

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