Smart Villages, Cities and Territories

Presentation of the services offered by the Bable and IPI partnership.

Strategic Plan for Tourism of the Municipality of Lagos

Public presentation of the project, carried out through videoconference due to constraints of the covid-19 pandemic.

Tourism Plan for the Municipality of Nazaré

Presentation of the project, held at the Municipality of Nazaré, with the presence of the Secretary of State for Tourism, Eng. Rita Marques.

Sustainable Development Strategy for the Municipality of Vila do Bispo

Public presentation of the project, held in Vila do Bispo.

Sustainability Report of the Municipality of Bragança

Public presentation of the project, held in Bragança.

The Future of IPSS in Portugal

Presentation in Bragança, 25th of November of 2016, within the “1º Encontro da União das IPSS do Distrito de Bragança”.

Social Solidarity Institutions, Local Development and Social Inclusion

Presentation in Azores, 15th of October of 2015, within the “Humanizar a Sociedade – O papel das IPSS no processo de humanização da sociedade” seminar.

Closing session of the project: Poupar Energia

Presentation in Nazaré, 29th of June of 2015, within presentation of the results for the project “Poupar Energia – Estratégia de Diversificação e Eficiência Energética para PME”.

Strategies for the Promotion of Local Development and Employment

Presentation in São Pedro do Sul, 22nd of May of 2015, within the “Emprego e Desenvolvimento Local” Seminar.

The Demographic Evolution of the District of Bragança - Development Perspectives

Presentation in Bragança, 15th of May of 2015, within the “Que Futuro para o Interior” FORUM.

The Growing Importance of e-Reputation in the Development of Events and the Cities

Presentation in Idanha-a-Nova, 28th of February of 2015 within the International Meeting “As Cidades Criativas e a Música”. This presentation was organized within the Idanha-a-Nova application for Creative Cities Network of UNESCO.

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