Practical Handbook for Micro-Business Creation and Use of Crowdfunding

This Practical Guide is intended for potential entrepreneurs, with guidelines for the development of their business idea as well as for its implementation, to be carried out in a sustainable manner in all its dimensions. The guide took into account lessons learned in the literature review on the subject, as well as the benchmarking of best practices and the results obtained with their application to the support provided to various stakeholders under the Cria©tividade project. Namely, both in the creation of their one business and in the preparation and launch of their Crowdfunding. This Practical Guide is an output of the Cria©tividade project.


Adufe Magazine - Special Edition dedicated to Music

This Special Edition of Adufe magazine is dedicated to the Idanha-a-Nova Application for Creative Cities of UNESCO, in the theme: Music. You can download the magazine in: http://www.cm-idanhanova.pt/media/157416/adufe_23_musica-web.pdf


Methodological Guide for Social Franchising

This Methodological Guide is an output of the project Cria©tividade, a project designed to promote Social Inclusion through entrepreneurship, in order to empower financially unemployed people. One of the main goals of this project was to generate employment in a sustainable way, through the replication of pilot projects. The project was carried out by Caritas Portuguesa in partnership with IPI Consulting Network, and was co-financed by POAT/FSE. The project’s two main objectives were: the implementation and support of innovative actions to promote the development of business activity enabling to empower financially unemployed people; and the promotion of Social Economy Institutions’ social role.


Futurural - Good practices as a factor in rural development

This publication is part of a project developed for NERPOR – Core Business of the Portalegre Region. The sector of agriculture and agrofood industries is assumed as being one of the sectors with more economic relevance in Alentejo. Considering its importance in the regions’ specialization and in the regional employment structure. The wine, olive oil, cork and the cheese were the target of this project.


Sustainability Reports for SME

This publication is part of the project “Relatórios de Sustentabilidade – uma via para a promoção do crescimento e da responsabilidade social das empresas”. This project was applied in the business universe associated to NERPOR – Corporate Core of the Portalegre Region. The goal was to bring these companies, that usually have limited access to the market and limited economic resources, the knowledge about how they can become more competitive, namely at the external markets, using a simple, efficient and appealing tool.

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