Demonstration Project: Gestão Integrada da Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio Provaz, S. Tomé e Principe

IPI and the General Direction of Natural Resources and Energy of São Tomé and Príncipe signed a contract within the project “Projecto de Demonstração de Gestão Integrada dos Recursos Hídricos da Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio Provaz”, in order to elaborate the implementation of the project and to provide technical guidelines for the installation of five systems of ECOSAN wastewater treatment in Neves city.

The main goal of this work is to encourage and mobilize local communities to use this kind of sanitation technology, taking into account its benefits for public health and resources valorisation. At the same time, another goal of this project is to train technicians that will be able to dimension and execute the structural elements connected with the construction of individual wastewater systems.

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