The Economic Impact Studies are an important tool for economic analysis. Developed by IPI Consulting Network technical team, these studies evaluate, for an event, an investment, a public police, or for the presence of organizations in territory, the direct, indirect and induced impacts in the region where it occurs and, eventually, at national level. Beyond the quantification of these impacts, the studies conducted by IPI characterize, in detail, the connections between all stakeholders.

Its applications are distinct and diverse, integrating the quantification of total economic impact (direct, indirect and induced) of a wide set of public and private initiatives.

The evaluation of economic impact implies the usage of distinct conceptual models: input-output analysis, surveys, contingent evaluation methods, revealed preference methods, and benchmarking studies.


  • Economic impact studies of Social Solidarity Institutions
  • Economic impact studies of festivals and other events
  • Economic impact studies of sectors in territories
  • Economic impact studies of organizations
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