Development of solutions to create more livable, more sustainable and better prepared territories for the future, working in both components, training and projects development.

This domain of activity results from the partnership between IPI and Bable.

Bable is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany, is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute, one of the largest research institutes in the world. According to its origin, it has a remarkable backbone of scientific knowledge. Its mission is to help solve the challenges of cities, providing the best and most resistant solutions, in order to achieve healthier, more efficient and more sustainable cities. By providing the package of 3 fundamental assets – an exceptional network, the unique approach based on challenges and training – have all the means to fulfill your mission and generate value for your customers.

The main objective is to support the sustainable development of villages, cities and territories, making them more habitable and prepared for the future, based on innovation and collaboration. We pursuit the following goals:

– contribute to shaping a carbon-free future

– increase efficiency in resource consumption, supporting the circular economy

– build on data, connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things)

– aim for processes that benefit the best solutions

Barcelona, Cologne, Manchester, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Abeerden, Antwerp, Stockholm and dozens of other European cities of all sizes have already adopted Bable solutions or are part of the collaborative platform Smart City Marketplace “BABLE”.

Explore some of these solutions at

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