In 2017, three more Portuguese municipalities integrate the AVEC Network

Throughout this year, IPI supported the municipalities of “Beja”, “Freixo de Espada à Cinta” and “Macedo de Cavaleiros” in their procedures to joining AVEC Network, elaborating their successful applications.

AVEC Network – Alliance of Euro-mediterranean Cultural Cities (, is a network of historical local authorities, created in 1997, whose objectives are: to make heritage an engine of sustainable development, committed with a quality approach; integrating innovation in a harmonious way with the existing one; and contribute to the economic success and prestige of member cities and territories.

Next November will be held, in Tours – France, the annual “Administration Council” of AVEC Network, which this year points out the 20th anniversary of this Network.

One of the most effective instruments of AVEC Network is the QUALICITIES brand, developed by this Network in 2007. This urban quality mark/seal aims to promote the heritage to become an engine of sustainable economic development of cities and towns.

Since 2012, AVEC Network has been certified under the “international experience of French local authorities” by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the theme “sustainable development and the promotion of culture and heritage”.

2015 brought another important recognition of the AVEC Network’s work, through the establishment of a formal partnership with UNESCO. In this context, the AVEC Network take benefits of a consultative status with UNESCO, which includes a mutual commitment to cooperate in its areas of expertise.

Nowadays, AVEC Network has about three dozen members, spread across 12 countries, including 7 Portuguese municipalities, and continues to grow, being one of the main axes the opening and enlargement of AVEC Network to other cities and towns in the basin of the Mediterranean.

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