Preparation of Municipal Profiles – Libolo and Seles (Kwanza Sul – Angola)

IPI is part of a consortium (lead by PRH Consultoria e Gestão) for the development of Municipal Profiles in Kwanza Sul (Angola), for the Municipalities of Libolo and Seles.

The setup and development of the Municipal Dynamic Profiles is a task of great responsibility because it frames the characterization studies and multi-sectoral analysis for both municipalities (historical, demographic, environmental, institutional, political, economic and social).

The project is supported by FAS – Fundo de Apoio Social (Angola’s Social Support Fund) and includes consultancy and technical assistance to local governments. It also aims to provide the necessary tools to train and qualify local technicians and stakeholders regarding the project activities to take place; as well as the setting, organization and updating of the municipalities dynamic databases. One other main goal is to ensure and supervise the proper preparation of both, Libolo and Seles, Dynamic Profiles.

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