Smart Villages, Cities and Territories – Training Actions

IPI and Bable will soon start a cycle of training actions, for local authorities, business associations and companies.

Personalized training and adapted to the interests and needs of the contexts of the territories and organizations involved. Personalized training, with the participation of international experts: Portugal, France and Germany.

The training includes at distance support, for 6 months, to clarify doubts and other information that may arise.

As this training is the first stage of the roadmap in smart villages, cities and territories, it is intended to arouse interest in the topic and, fundamentally, to show the importance of the “Smart” concept for sustainable development in the 21st century.

With this training, the territories, associations and companies involved will be empowered to embrace the remaining stages of the roadmap up to the desired digital transformation, in a context of social and environmental responsibility.

• In-person and personalized training
• Adapted to the contexts of target territories and organizations
• With international expert trainers
• Includes support for 6 months after training
• The advantages of “making the path” supported by innovation and technology

The training is co-financed by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), an independent body of the European Union, created in 2008 to provide innovation across Europe.

See the full presentation (in portuguese) of the training here

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